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Shells in hand

Shells in hand


Love the visual of the hand holding the shell sculpture. The articulated hand is mounted on a teak base which is glued to an old pewter dish. When I show this it’ll probably go under a hand blown bell jar to make it look more like a specimen piece. Again, I collect all the pieces and they just come together in the end.

Work in progress – shell sculpture mounted in glass blowing bowl


Ok, this is only a thought, but it will be made. On the left will be a metal column screwed to the base. The glass blowing bowl will be inserted into the column and a wing nut will tighten it to it. The bowl can swivel and look as if it’s pouring.

Shell table display


This was seriously retouched just to clean up the air conditioner behind the table but you get the idea. This show gave me the chance to work on different mounts for the shells. I’m most happy with the bell jars attached to lense blanks that are slightly rounded on the bottoms. They’re epoxied so they’re a solid unit that can rotate and show different views of the sculpture.

Dental cabinet


Felt a need to post something. Been under the weather so this has been secondary. This is a great oak dental cabinet with 28 draws and doors, made by American Dental Cabinets. I completely refinished it , making sure to keep the patina intact. It’s a little overloaded right now, but that’s what happens when I haven’t done a show in awhile. It’s filled mostly with shell sculptures and old medicine bottles. It’s actually been sorted through just recently , so this is it clean.

Still life of my favorite things

A hat mold, a cast iron door stop, a glass blowers bowl , kids shoes and a mounted shell sculpture, on a cast iron stand with glass top. Photographed in front of my screened door. I’m going to start a series of photos like this of my things.

Larger shell sculpture mounted on teak block

This is the next size I figured out how to mount. One size larger is next. It’s on a piece of recycled teak. These were not easy to make work with my somewhat limited skills. I never did sculpture before so new things don’t come as easy. Many more to do.

New shell sculpture

Just finished this. I really need to start shooting these for real. This is just a test photo. It gets me excited to do them properly.