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Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

This is part of the grand finale, end of parade from Chinese New Year in New York, just yesterday. My family’s troupe has been doing this for over 40 years. My nephew started this as an 9 year old kid in Chinatown, who wanted to start his own Lion troupe and 40 years later it’s grown into a huge troupe of some 250 “off the street” kids, doing good things and keeping the kids out of trouble. This was shot, slow shutter speed and flash on camera to get that effect. The troupe CAN be hired for private functions and they make a great entrance to your special party. They’re the Chinatown Community Young Lions.

Chinese New Year

The 40th Anniversary photo of the Chinatown Community Young lions just shot on Jan. 28th. After a day of parading I stopped them in the middle of Mott St. and arranged this photo. This troupe is available for events and they give a great show.cyounglion@yahoo.com  After this photo there was a finale with 13 lion heads. It was spectacular.