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Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

This is part of the grand finale, end of parade from Chinese New Year in New York, just yesterday. My family’s troupe has been doing this for over 40 years. My nephew started this as an 9 year old kid in Chinatown, who wanted to start his own Lion troupe and 40 years later it’s grown into a huge troupe of some 250 “off the street” kids, doing good things and keeping the kids out of trouble. This was shot, slow shutter speed and flash on camera to get that effect. The troupe CAN be hired for private functions and they make a great entrance to your special party. They’re the Chinatown Community Young Lions.

Lab glass still life



Started a series of still life photos of my vintage, industrial antiques. This is of lab glass, and assorted bottles. Had fun lighting this.

Work Desk

Work Desk


Felt like doing a still life of my desk, a little overcrowded, of course. The Dremel bits were bought at a yard sale. They’re a little rusty, but nice anyway. Bought the old metal type at Brimfield. It’s hard to make a crowded tabletop work, but I like this one. It’s shot with just a Dazer architects’ lamp and a mini spot and a repro “Edison” bulb for light.

Shells in water and stone mortar


The shells are mounted on a small pillar in a stone mortar that’s filled with water. There’s a little water in the shells, too. It’s overall a little soft which I like. The water reflecting light gives it an ethereal feel. The texture of the granite through the water is pretty, too.

Work in progress – shell sculpture mounted in glass blowing bowl


Ok, this is only a thought, but it will be made. On the left will be a metal column screwed to the base. The glass blowing bowl will be inserted into the column and a wing nut will tighten it to it. The bowl can swivel and look as if it’s pouring.

Newly mounted shells



Been busy mounting. The one in front is “floating” , suspended by a rod. It’s in a bowl used for glass blowing. The one on the left is on staggered marble bases. All the marble is from old trophy bases. The thing is to make them look displayed like a specimen. You have to accentuate the movement in the piece, too.

Loft area


Just spent some time hanging new photos and a painting of my shell sculptures by my daughter. It’s fun setting up little vignettes and table top still lifes around your house. Let’s you look at your things with a fresh perspective.