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Lighting in a barn


Strung lights in a barn for my God daughters wedding. The light cane streaming in the wide open doors and a golden light lit the guests to make this Rockwell painting of a photo, shot from the rafters .

New lighting design

Just finished this lighting for a party in the middle of a huge lawn. They’re mini globe lights strung from white posts and bamboo struts. They give the tables a soft glow. There were hanging votives in trees, large lit globes hanging off bamboo tripods, lanterns on shepherds hooks and luminaries along paths. Also set up a photo booth so the guests could shoot their own portraits. More of my work can be seen on

Party lighting design

I have a lighting site –, that specializes in mostly lighting grounds, decks and tents. It evolved from a huge party I became responsible for and when I got bids in for the lighting I decided to do it myself. Started the site after a few more party designs. We strive to always add a bit of magic. We do it with lighted globes hanging from bamboo tripods, luminaries on the ground and mini globe string lights. This is part of the wedding we’d just did. We also use helium filled weather balloons to add that etherial feeling.

Umbrella hanging light with hand

I designed this for a Robert Wilson party held at DeKoonings’ studio in East Hampton. It’s a hand holding a flashlight into an umbrella. It’s hung by thin wire between trees or whatever to make them appear to float. At the party they floated above chairs.

My living room being filmed for a dream sequence

This is a photo of my son in my living room. It’s pretty much how it normally is, except lit for a dream sequence he was filming.

party design website

My party design site. This is a tent that I float globes in to make it magical.