New Space at Neoteric Gallery

Shells @ Neoteris Fine Arts Gallery


I have a new area/ space @ Neoteric Gallery for several weeks. I’m excited to show my shells and other of my vintage industrial finds, and doll head sculptures. It’s a great space and I’m grateful to Scott for it. Pleases come visit if you’re on the East End of Long Island , Main Street Amagansett.  Private showing  ( 917 7516199 ) or contact Scott ( 631 8387518 ) for his hours of showing.  Thanks.

About timleeseye

Tim Lee is a commercial still life photographer. His love of collecting has evolved into a successful business dealing in vintage industrial finds specializing in the offbeat. Fashioning doll head molds into sculptures or dealing in vintage glass. His latest project is making sculptures from shells and photographing them. This blog will chronicle the development and progress of all his latest projects. All photographs displayed on this blog were shot by Tim Lee. Reproduction of photographs not permitted without expressed written consent from Tim Lee/Photography. View all posts by timleeseye

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