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Floating Doll head



Had to put this one more in .It’s a doll head mold floating in a glass blowing bowl.


More Armageddon



Another small piece of what I did for the show.  I like the gears under the heavy bell jar,




This is part of a show @ Neoteric Fine Arts. The theme is Armageddon and the opening was on 12/21, of course.

Some of my wares

Some of my wares


A part of a table of my things for sale at the show at Neoteric Fine Arts in Amagansett. In front is a mounted doll head mold on old trophy bases. I made shades out of the band around it’s head. Kinda punk with the mohawk piece of metal on it’s head. In the back is a black bear skull on a scale. It takes a little off beat sense to get my stuff.

Shells under bell jar

Shell under bell jar


Made this as another way to show the shells. Had all the pieces, just needed to be put it all together. I love when that happens. I collect odds and ends hoping I’ll use them in something. These pieces were from a dealer in Brimfield who had just cleared out a lab glass factory. Got the bell jar from him, and the base is a lense blank and the chunk of angled glass the shell is on was just a throw in. It all works together. Just needed to be glued together.

Shells on display

Shells on display

It was a little “slow” at the gallery today, so I was able to shoot some shots of the shells on display. It was fun. I need to shoot the shells and shell prints together. I want to put them together as a package to a store or gallery in the city. It’s been helpful for me to put these on display to see what people have to say about them. It’s been all positive and what people have been saying has made me want to push them to the next step. I do like the way they move in this photo.