Monthly Archives: November 2012

Window display


The shot I couldn’t get yesterday because of  the rain. My first window display.

New Show @ Neoteric


Neoteric is a relatively new , young gallery on Main Street , Amagansett. It’s my first show there and it’s not all mine. I do take up a lot of  room, though. This really is most of what I’m selling, although you can’t see a lot of the things on the right, which faces the gallery window.There are newly printed specimen shell prints , shell sculptures, doll head sculptures , and a lot of my industrial antiques. Opening Sat. 5 – 9 . Please stop by if you’re in the hood

“Thanks” card


This is a card I just shot to thanks the 100s of friends and donors at my benefit . It raised a lot of money for my treatments and bills. The letters were cut out of shiny silver reflector board. The bowl is for glass blowing. The letters are tilted to catch the light and glow. I had an idea for this shot and it turned out just as I imagined.

Frictionless log


This was made in London, by Massey around 1876. It’s pulled behind a boat and logs the mileage by counting the revolutions the torpedoe makes . I get things like this just because they’re so cool looking. There’s a gauge on the backside of this that counts the mileage. It’s “floating” by a thin string above an end table in my loft.