Monthly Archives: October 2012

Measuring beaker set with leather carrying case

Just got this at Brooklyn Flea from one of the older ( crustier? ) dealers there. Said he’d just got it out of a barn. The leather case was totally dried up and the largest beaker was stuck. The leather had dried around the lip and it wouldn’t come out. Soaked the whole thing in neatsfoot oil and it loosened it up beautifully. Glad I had some around from breaking in baseball gloves. It was the perfect solution. The beakers are hand etched and the bottoms are ground to sit flat. Love my new find. They’re sitting on an exquisite shaving mirror.

Window light on beach glass


This really is how stuff sits around my house. It’s in my loft. There are metal gears, a child’s shoe last, and the big glass circles are lense blanks. Pieces of glass before being ground to lenses. And , of course, a few years worth of beach glass. All of these are collected to eventually become pieces in still life photos or as a part of a sculpture.

Staging for a show


Things live on my counter and get staged for awhile  as if they were in a show. The stamps are for silverware. The hands are glove molds. The shoes are for foot binding, long ago in China. The head is a doll head mold.

Balls on my desk


A collection that lives on the corner of my desk. It’s grown and evolved to only my favorite. They’re made of crystal, marble, onyx, steel and mercury glass. I love how they change all day depending on the light. Collections are fun, because they start for no reason and end up meaning so much to you.

Vintage still life


This is a piece I did of collected vintage apothecary bottles and assorted other old items. The hand is a ceramic glove mold.

Dental cabinet


Felt a need to post something. Been under the weather so this has been secondary. This is a great oak dental cabinet with 28 draws and doors, made by American Dental Cabinets. I completely refinished it , making sure to keep the patina intact. It’s a little overloaded right now, but that’s what happens when I haven’t done a show in awhile. It’s filled mostly with shell sculptures and old medicine bottles. It’s actually been sorted through just recently , so this is it clean.