Monthly Archives: August 2012

New lighting design

Just finished this lighting for a party in the middle of a huge lawn. They’re mini globe lights strung from white posts and bamboo struts. They give the tables a soft glow. There were hanging votives in trees, large lit globes hanging off bamboo tripods, lanterns on shepherds hooks and luminaries along paths. Also set up a photo booth so the guests could shoot their own portraits. More of my work can be seen on

Shells on a plate

Just a nice accident I had to photograph. The large pewter plate was for a lamp I was making and the small shell sculpture just happened to want to be put on it. The smallness of the shell sculpture makes it work. Love the shades of gray, too.

Lab glass still life


This was lit by a ray of late afternoon light and had to shoot it. The main part is an assembled still life attached to a heavy glass plate. The candlesticks and votives just happened to be there. This is just a fun capturing of light.

Antique show

Did a show yesterday that was pretty much of a success. It was a hot day, so not the best shopping conditions. People were short and impatient. But, sold and still made money, so I shouldn’t complain. Sold only to a handful of people, but they bought big things- like my carousel horse and my great metal medical cabinet. My booth got good reviews from a lot of people, so that counts, too.Gave out lots of cards to direct people to this blog and talked up my shell sculptures.