Monthly Archives: July 2012

Lucite tables


Dug these out for the show this weekend. They have lucite tops and “speed rail” legs. Speed rails are what they use for rigging movie scaffolding.Got these at Brooklyn Flea and they were a mess. They had white paint splatters and were all pitted. Just finished scraping paint off and drill wire brushing  . The fittings are shiny and the rails are cleaned up. Just added a few hundred dollars to their look. Great industrial look and indestructible tops. Perfect for a loft or city apartment.

Doll head on crystal base


OK, this is just a mock up of what I want to happen. Making it may be a little difficult. The top part is a little too heavy to just epoxy. I may need a metal collar  and welding to make it as strong as it needs to be. The top is another doll head mold with all the mechanics still attached. The base is from a broken crystal apothecary jar. I do like the visual of the disparate pieces coming together  to make this very steampunk character. I’m not a huge fan of steampunk, but I like this.

Doll head mold on tripod


Having a show next weekend at Mulford Farm, in East Hampton and wanted to put in some new items. Spent some time mounting this on an old surveyors tripod. It has a post that runs through to the top of the head to the base of the tripod. I love making things for my booth. It separates my things from the other venders. If you’re in East Hampton this weekend, please stop by.




My brothers’ studio/showroom in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It’s on 70 John Street. The circle is made from a bamboo sleeping matt.The hand blown glass is by  Kanik who shares the space.

Another Doll sculpture detail


This is similar to the last one, only the doll heads spins in this one. I made the doll head on the right moveable by a slot on the side. The panel was cut out in an oval so the heads can see each other.

Detail – Doll Head sculpture

Detail of a small doll head sculpture. The panel between the heads was cut out. The flesh colored head is the actual doll head that comes out of the doll head mold it’s facing. The heads are only 1.5″ tall, so the whole sculpture is pretty small. The doll head is attached to a lab glass tube. My shrink says it’s a psychological study, the dark side looking at it’s true self.

Glass blowing bowls and Doll heads


Just got more of these bowls from Brimfield Antique show. Had the doll heads. The back one is actually a doll head mold.The flesh one came out of a brass mold and is a sample, explaining the writing on it’s head. The other just has ball bearings in it. I sell these propped like this  when I do shows.