Monthly Archives: June 2012

My nude wall

A collection of nudes from the past. My pregnant ex wife with my first born, body builders and lovers.

Shell sculptures on display at Fishers

I was able to get them to take my mounted shell sculptures at Fishers Antiques. The first retail store to display them. I’m excited to have decorators reactions to them. Hopefully they’ll sell. They look great where they’re display on a large dresser with a mirror behind.


Another Ad for Fishers Antiques

Wanted to add this shot to show the set I make in their store window. The windows are covered in tracing paper and make a great high key background. It’s great for furniture because it does away with shadows caused by legs. I love the ethereal feel also. The white is perfect for dropping type, too.

New Ads for Fishers antiques

Been shooting for this store in Sag Harbor, NY. for almost 20 years. They’re shot in store and they’re always very clean, graphic, and are grouped with other complimentary shots.

Party lighting design

I have a lighting site –, that specializes in mostly lighting grounds, decks and tents. It evolved from a huge party I became responsible for and when I got bids in for the lighting I decided to do it myself. Started the site after a few more party designs. We strive to always add a bit of magic. We do it with lighted globes hanging from bamboo tripods, luminaries on the ground and mini globe string lights. This is part of the wedding we’d just did. We also use helium filled weather balloons to add that etherial feeling.