Monthly Archives: May 2012

Shell sculpture group

Still trying to market these. Have time now to start photographing them and making prints. These were just by my window and had to shoot them.


Hidden Tricycle

I never fixed this old heavy duty industrial tricycle someone gave me. And now it lives in my garden, tucked under a maple tree next to a just blooming dogwood, surrounded by Hostas, ferns ,geraniums, and Hydrangeas.

My Garden

My garden is just exploding. Enjoying it more everyday. The sprinkler helps with the softness and the backlit sunlight makes it sparkle.

Vintage limousine vase

These used to be in vintage limos to hold flowers. I have it on a small wall in my bathroom. It’s filled with dwarf lilacs,lily of the valley and cat mint ( nepeta ). I love making tiny bouquets for it.

Carousel Horse

Made of cast metal in the 40s – 50s .  This one is made nicer than most I’ve seen  and has all the original paint. It’s pretty heavy, maybe 90 lbs. The face has great expression. It’s made to be mounted on a pole just behind the mane.

Stone mortars

I find lots of uses for these. They look great in groupings, too. They’re really nice filled with glass beads and used as a soap dish. They make great planters. Made of real stone – granite and such. In my garden as a group they’re great as a bird bath.