Monthly Archives: April 2012

African Spears

I was told they were traded for two pairs of Levis around twenty years ago. Handmade African spears from two different tribes. They are very sharp. The spear is in two pieces and is balanced beautifully.

Foot binding shoes

Chinese foot binding shoes were used up to the early 20th century. These pair were unusual for their western style and middle class appearance. They ARE somewhat creepy, but it just adds to the appeal for me. They are well worn.

Mounted Eel Rake

Mounted on a piece of recycled teak. This eel rake becomes a sculpture or just a cool object for you bookshelf. This is just one of the things I sell when I have shows. Most of what I post here is for sale, so inquire about anything you see.

Pair of Blow Torches

Love the industrial feel of these. Great props for a photo.

Florence leather box

You can see this being made on” The making of a Florence leather box” on youtube. Old world Italian craftsmen forming leather around a block of wood. One of my favorite finds.

Mounted Mill Stone

Heavy mill stone or anchor. Not sure of it’s former use. Now it’s a great sculpture, mounted by James DeMartis on a steel base. There’s a pin in the stone connected to the base.

Bowl of crystal eggs

This is actually a vessel for glass blowing. The cut out on the side of the bowl is where the blow pipe sat. It’s made of a metallic composition that resists the high heat involved in molten glass. The eggs and balls are crystal from Brazil.