Monthly Archives: March 2012

Umbrella hanging light with hand

I designed this for a Robert Wilson party held at DeKoonings’ studio in East Hampton. It’s a hand holding a flashlight into an umbrella. It’s hung by thin wire between trees or whatever to make them appear to float. At the party they floated above chairs.

Globe light

These are vintage schoolhouse milk glass globes that I put on pewter plates and wire with regular bulbs and dimmers. They make great table lamps, and accent lights outdoors around patios or even in the woods with battery powered lights.

Cast iron dog and cat door stops

The dog is a Bull terrier , made by Hubley. There are lots of repros of these, but you can tell from the red tongue and eyes this is an original. The cat is just cool.

Swivel Doll Head Mold

This is a three headed metal doll head mold. It’s mounted on a caster that spins, so the three heads can be seen. The caster is covered in lead and lead numbers used to mark old windows. The top base is teak and the bottom is an old wood box lid.

Doll Head sculpture final

Ok, sanded , stained  and waxed. The metal head was even waxed. I like it cleaned up and a tiny shine on it , just adds a little life to it. The oval frame was cleaned up, too. The finger hole was sanded and finished nicer also. I love that this is a Madame Alexander doll head, too. Just makes it more valuable.

Doll head sculpture

Just made this last night. I may stain the recycled teak base darker. The plastic head is on a piece of lab glass that just happened to fit the neck. The metal is inset into the wood base. I made the plastic head glass rod accessible from the side so it can be swiveled  around. James DeMartis (metal smith) helped by cutting out the nice oval window . This is a Madame Alexander doll head from 1965.