Monthly Archives: February 2012

Doll Head trophy – final

Ok, had to post this finally done. I did switch out a piece of marble to make the base all white. It’s all assembled and epoxied solid. Happy with it. Next……

Window box

Just planted this box indoors.  There are some shell sculptures in front.

Doll head sculpture

Just finished cutting the glasses on this doll head mold. It was used to make the heads of dolls. The inside of the mold is where the casting is done. It’s mounted on a recycled trophy base, complete with eagles. Still need to secure the pieces , but this is how it will look. Not a steam punk kind of guy , but it’s the feeling you get from this one.

New mounted shells

Had a busy weekend mounting these. Finally figured out how to do them without a lot of fuss. It’s good to have talented friends to pick their brains.

Mock up of Doll Head on marble

Playing with this and trying to decide if this marble base works. Probably doesn’t matter. I was considering a thick glass base as an alternate. Whatever, I think this works as a concept. The plastic one is the actual head that came out of this mold. It’s held by a piece of lab glass tubing. Going for the floating feeling.

Larger shell sculpture mounted on teak block

This is the next size I figured out how to mount. One size larger is next. It’s on a piece of recycled teak. These were not easy to make work with my somewhat limited skills. I never did sculpture before so new things don’t come as easy. Many more to do.

New Doll Head mold with oval cut out

Just back from James DeMartis metalworkers’ shop . He made this great oval cut out in the plate in front of the face. It just opens it up and gives it a life it didn’t have all boxed in. Now to decide on a base or not. I also have the original head that came out of this mold to play with.