Monthly Archives: January 2012

Medicine bottles on window

A small collection of medicine bottles in my kitchen window. I love bottles back lit for photography. It shows every detail and nuance. I always have a selection of bottles for sale. Some of these were dug up in backyards here in East Hampton.

Silverware Stamps

Spoon stamps used to make silverware. One of my favorite finds from Brimfield. Sold most of them at shows all summer. This collection of spoons are still available. There was a raised half and a sunken half that made up the pair needed to stamp each piece of silverware. The second one from the bottom is a master of sorts. It’s machined and made differently.

Silverware forms

Close up of silverware forms I got at Brimfield. They’re made of what appears to be linoleum. They’re engraved beautifully. Somewhere in the process of making the final stamp out of steel these were made . I will mount these in a shadow box individually. Available for purchase.

Vintage type

A tray full of metal type. Love these letters. I use them to spell out company names and photograph them for logos. Got these at Brimfield.

Dancing Sailor Suit

Had to switch this out for a better, more fun photo with more movement. There’s an earlier post of this that didn’t do it justice. It’s something I made a few years ago that was newly pinned by ¬†photo stylist Meagan Longcore. It was sagging and she brought it back to life. It’s a linen child’s sailor suit and a pair of old leather shoes. Surrounded by wood shoe lasts in a vintage frame.

Picasso still life

A collection of vintage bottles, stoppers and silver in the foreground of a framed postcard of a Picasso drawing.

Table top

Just a table top with a doll head and coral, in front of a piece I did of bottles in a tray.