Monthly Archives: December 2011

Tractor seat

I designed this after a seat I’d made previously from a tractor seat that had a similar spring. I sold the earlier version. I had a metal worker James Demartis bend me a piece of sprung steel to the same shape. ┬áCheck out his site. I did most of the photography. The seat was then mounted on a slab of reclaimed teak. I initially was going to sell this one , but it’s become my everyday computer desk seat. It’s so comfortable and it springs and moves gently. It slides on a rug . This item can be custom ordered.

Convert-O Bike

First built in 1949, this cast aluminum tricycle was designed by Tony Anthony. One of the rear wheels transfers into the rear fork to turn this tricycle into a bike. Great design. I own this.

Mounted small doll head mold

This is a small doll head mold, I think European. I mounted it on a small old finial and then on a teak block.This is available for purchase.


These silverware stamps are my favorite find at Brimfield. The ink pots did well, too. The gears I use in industrial settings, with other pieces.

Antique show

Part of my booth from an antique show I did at Miss Amelias in Amagansett. The bowls are old glass blowing vessels, note the cut out for the blow pipe. They’re filled with crystal balls. The curved box is leather, made in Florence. The ball is for duck pin bowling.

Shell sculpture on wood

Close up of a shell sculpture on driftwood scraps. The first I’ve tried of this kind and it seems fairly successful.

Prints and shells

This photo has a tray of shells , made sculptures and prints getting organized. I still have a lot of photography to do.